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Introducing the Falafel Wrap

Craving something light and delightful? Our Falafel wrap comes in a Saj wrap with a mix of sliced vegetables. Minute made Falafel balls made specifically for your order.

The Wrap ...

The warp comes stuff with the fresh Falafel balls. Accompanied by a mix of lettuce, tomatoes, pickled cucumber & pickled turnip. Topped with our house-made Tahini sauce.

Make It a Combo !

If the wrap itself is not enough, we got you covered. Get the Falafel Wrap combo that comes with a canned drink & a choice of one side. Sides include, basmati rice, Lentil Rice, green salad, chickpea salad and coleslaw salad.

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We really loved the food and the friendly staff. A great place for Syrian food.

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