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Mooring Eats Continues to Provide Authentic Middle Eastern Cuisine to Etobicoke

Fresh, authentic shawarma makes the best lunch in the GTA. Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food, particularly shawarma and falafel have become increasingly popular in Toronto and the GTA. Whether it’s a quick stop for a shawarma wrap in Etobicoke on a lunch break or a final stop on a night with friends, Mooring Eats’ family-owned and run restaurant on Lakeshore Blvd. W in Toronto makes some of the best Shawarma in Etobicoke. And, with a wide variety of menu items to choose from, there is sure to be something for everyone.

The best shawarma and falafel aren’t found in downtown Toronto. It’s time to look a little further. There’s nothing quite like the tastiness of falafel from South Etobicoke. Pile on slices of perfectly marinated beef, lamb, or chicken and enjoy the melt in your mouth tenderness. Choose from a mix of components to make your wrap unique -- or ask our expert staff to recommend the best combination of vegetables and other ingredients to make your taste buds jump with joy. Oh, and don’t forget the best hummus and sauces.

All the good things we love about shawarma and falafel in Toronto can be found at Mooring Eats restaurant in Mimico. But there’s something especially delicious and charming about this small, but grand Mediterranean restaurant - and it’s not just the nautical theme.

It’s not just traditional falafel, shawarma, kebabs, and Shish Tawook on the menu in New Toronto’s favourite Syrian restaurant. The menu also boasts some incredible creative items that have gained a lot of popularity. Why not try some of Toronto’s only french fry wraps (yes, you got that right) or our Latakia Eggplant Kabab. The perfect and best Instagram-worthy meals in Toronto for sure.

If you’re looking for tasty Mediterranean food near you - or by delivery - don’t hesitate to give Mooring Eats a try for your next outing or family dinner in Etobicoke. The meat is well seasoned, juicy, and never dry. The friendly staff and knowledgeable about authentic Syrian and Middle Eastern food and want to provide the whole experience to their hungry customers. Every ingredient is sourced and prepared with care, kept fresh and chilled, and added to each dish with healthy portions.

Don’t believe that Mooring Eats is a top falafel and shawarma restaurant in Toronto? Check out what the media is saying about us.

Check out the Mooring Eats menu here to choose what you’re having for dinner! Feel free to reach out to the owners and staff of Mooring Eats who would be happy to respond to any questions about their dishes or to meet the needs of your specific requirements or dietary restrictions.

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